Safedem is committed to implementing its company-wide environmental policy and its Site Specific Recycling and Waste Management Plan for Coll Place. To ensure this is effective, accurate and economical, Safedem staff expend time and effort to ensure that the procedures put into place are working and are maintained. Safedem aims to re-cycle 95% of the materials produced.

Disposal of Waste

The demolition materials tend to fall into three categories. These are:

a. Re-used
If any demolition materials can be salvaged for use in other projects they will be carefully removed and sent for storage/re-use.
If they are surplus to requirements and need to be removed from site and they can be removed and used in their present form, they can be removed from site for re-use.

b. Recycling
If the surplus material cannot be re-used in its present form but could be used in a different form, it is sent for recycling such as wood to make chipboard.

c. Landfill
If either of the above cannot be satisfied then the only option left is to send the surplus materials to landfill. At this project landfill is a last resort.

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