Who is Safedem?

Safedem Ltd. is one of the leading demolition and dismantling companies in the UK. Safedem’s demolition teams are fully trained and equipped to work on a range of challenging projects from conventional demolition, facade retention schemes, industrial demolitions, decontamination works, asbestos removal and demolition by explosives. Safedem has carried out the demolition of 14 high-rise multi storey blocks in Glasgow over the past five years, and more than 50 blocks over the past 12 years.

Safedem’s most recent demolition by the controlled use of explosives in Glasgow was at Norfolk Court, Gorbals on 3rd October 2010.

Safedem Ltd has been appointed by Glasgow Housing Association to carry out the demolition of 15 Coll Place, Germiston, Glasgow.

How will the building be demolished?

The building will be demolished by the controlled use of explosives. Other demolition methods could take weeks or months causing disruptions to local residents, businesses and services. The demolition by the controlled use of explosives at 15 Coll Place will occur quickly and there will be less impact upon the local community.

Do you have a programme of works?

The sequencing of the works is as follows

Site set up – build perimeter site fence and install welfare facilities for operational staff

Soft stripping – removal of all internal fixtures and fittings.

Asbestos Removal – carried out per regulations.

Explosives Preparation – drilling holes in the concrete structure

Blowdown Operation – Day of Demolition (usually a Sunday)

Processing blowdown materials – separating concrete from steel. Crushing the concrete for recycling.

Removal of demolition materials and clearance of site.

How will you liaise and consult with the local community?

Local residents and businesses will receive regular leaflets from Safedem’s Community Liaison Team, and updated articles may appear in other local leaflets, newspapers and newsletters.

The Safedem Community Liaison Team can visit residents in their homes as well as local organisations and businesses to discuss the demolition proposals.

A dedicated website will provide regular updates – go to www.collplacedemolition.co.uk

What will happen on blowdown day?

An exclusion zone will be put in place. This zone will be defined by a boundary fence that will be erected for the blowdown operation. Any people living or working within that exclusion zone will be evacuated. Facilities will be provided for those being evacuated. Safedem, Strathclyde Police and security personnel will continually manage this exclusion zone. There is no fixed time for the blowdown operation.

The blowdown operation is managed from a central location by those organisations responsible for particular roles on the day.

More information will be made available as the plans for blowdown develop. Once a date for blowdown and the exclusion zone is agreed by all organisations involved in planning the operation, Safedem’s Community Liaison Team will inform the community.

Who else contributes to the blowdown operation?

There are a number of agencies that are involved and include

Strathclyde police – who assist with security measures and play a huge part in the security arrangements for the blowdown operation.

Glasgow City Council Emergency Planning have a role in terms of contingency planning and are also the first point of contact for any input from any particular council service.

Network Rail regarding the impact of the blowdown on the nearby train service.

Roads Department are involved with any road closures that need to be put in place.

Local schools and nurseries can become involved with local competitions and safety awareness programmes run by Safedem’s Community Liaison Team.

Local Fire Service and Greater Glasgow National Health Service are involved in the planning of the blowdown.

Why are you demolishing the building by the controlled use of explosives?

Demolition by Explosives is generally quicker with the building’s integrity maintained until the day of blowdown. It is safer for the demolition operatives compared to other demolition methods.

What about safety of the explosives?

Safedem has unrivalled experience in this field. It is widely recognised in the demolition industry that demolition by explosives of tower blocks is safer than any other methods of demolition.

Will deconstructing the block not be safer?

To deconstruct the building, the soft stripping and asbestos removal techniques would still need to be carried out in advance of any deconstruction works. In general terms, the deconstruction takes longer, and has operatives working at height, exposed to the elements on a partially demolished structure. Falls from height continue to be the biggest killer on construction sites. There is also a bigger impact upon the community such as road closures for several weeks, and dealing with dust and noise for longer periods.

Will my property be safe?

Safedem’s aim is to ensure a safe and successful demolition. To minimise potential damage to neighbouring properties, layers of protection are installed on the building being demolished and this is usually sufficient. However, engineers always carry out a general survey prior to the demolition taking place, and immediately before and immediately after the demolition. These surveys can be done jointly with owners of properties. Security arrangements will be put in place for any joint surveys required on the day of blowdown. Should additional protective measures be required at nearby properties, these will be installed/removed as agreed with the survey engineer and the property owner.

What if there is damage to my property?

Damage to neighbouring properties is rare. Safedem’s Community Liaison Team will request contact details from all property owners and/or occupants leading up to the blowdown operation. Should any damage be recorded, the Community LiaisonTeam can make contact with the relevant owner/occupant quickly and arrange repairs. Qualified tradesmen are on stand-by to deal with any incidents. Safedem does have sufficient insurance for these projects.

Will the demolition be loud?

It will sound like a loud peal of thunder but will last only a few seconds.

Will I feel the ground shake?

Safedem has designed the collapse mechanism to minimise the ground vibration. An independent company will monitor the vibration levels during the demolition. The ground vibration results recorded at the demolition of 15 Forge Place demonstrated that vibrations were well under acceptable limts. Similar results are expected for 15 Coll Place.

Will there be dust?

Dust will be created as a result of the demolition. The wind strength and direction on the day will determine where and how far the dust blows. Safedem will have cleaning teams available to assist with the dust clean up.

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