Physical Demolition

Forge Place Demolition‘Blowdown’

PLANNING – A whole team of organisations meet regularly to plan a blowdown operation. Not only are Safedem and GHA staff represented at these meetings but organisations including Strathclyde Police, NHS, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Network Rail, and Glasgow City Council are all represented. This team plans and co-ordinates all of the various operations for the blowdown.

EXCLUSION ZONE – An exclusion zone is implemented for the blowdown and people living or working within this zone must leave for the duration of the operation.

EVACUATION – Safedem’s Community Liaison Team plan and co-ordinate the evacuation for the blowdown. The Team will visit those to be evacuated to put individual plans in place, and will endeavour to make the evacuation process as easy and comfortable for all those affected. The Community Liaison Team will prepare and distribute a Blowdown Newsletter. This newsletter will ptovide all of the information about what to expect on blowdown day.

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